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Full text of "Mulberry Baptist Association Minutes 1885"

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Birmingham, Alabama 

Mulberry Missionary Baptist Association 

V. lv: 1844 

v. 11. 1895 

v. 2. 1856 

v. 12. 1896 

v.3. 1873 

v.4. 1879 

v. 13. 1897 

v. 14. 1898 

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v. 6. 1885 

v. 16. 1900 

V.l. 1886 

v. 8. 1887 

v. 9. 1889 

v. 10. 1892 




The nexr*meeting of the Second District will be held with Shady 
Grove Church, on Friday before the third Sunday in August, 1886— 
Elder 1. M. Hicks to preach the Introductory Sermon ; Elder J. M. 
Langston alternate. 

Subjects for discussion : 1st. Should Ministers of the Gospel who 
serve Churches as Pastors perform manual or mental labor to support 
their families? Opened by W. Y. Nix and R H. Mize. 3d. What are 
the duties of a Pastor to his Churches? Opened by J. D. Langston -and 
W. H. Pratt. 

The next meeting of the Third District will be held with Liberty 
Hill Church, Saturday before the fourth Sabbath in August, 1886— the 
Introductory Sermon to be preached by R. M. Honeycutt; A. E. Burns 

Subject for discussion : Does the Apostle, in the 6th chapter of Ro- 
mans, refer to Water Baptism, or to the Baptism of the Holy Gh< 
Opened by W. G. Riggins. 


The delegates from 

Saturday, Sept. 26th, 1885. 
the different Churches^jompos- 
the Mulberry Baptist Association met with the 
Jemison Baptist Church, it being the fifty -eighth an- 
nual meeting of the body. 

The Brother that was appointed to preach the Intro- 
ductory Sermon not being present, Elder T. M. Bailey 
was appointed to preach the Introductory Sermon. 

Brother Bailey preached at 11 o'clock from the par- 
able of the talents, as written in the 24th chapter of the 
Gospel by Mathew. 

Alter a recess of one and a half hours, the delegates 
assembled again, and after singing prayer was offered 
by Elder F. M. Hobson, the former Moderator, who 
then called the body to order. 

The names of the Churches were then called and the 
delegates bearing letters handed them to the Clerk. 

The Moderator then appointed Brothers J. G. Harris 
and A. E. Burns reading committee. The letters were 
read by then and the names of the delegates enrolled 
as follows : 

Mars Hill Church— Z. W. Langston, R. J. Langston, 
J. M. Scott.* 

Antioch Church— Daniel Ward,* O. J. Cottingham,* 
J. M. Langston, J. M. Thomas,* A. J. Woolley,* D. 
W. Freeman,* Z. J. Corley, H. L. Woolley.* 

Center Hill Church — Jesse Webb, Thomas Cleckler, 
C. L. Langston. 

Pleasant Hill Church — James P. Robinson,* James 
M. Pool,* W. P. Scott. 

Bethlehem Church — John Jones, A. Merold,* C. 
M. Williams. 

Shady Grove Church — Joseph Helton,* James 
Smitherman, Z. T. Belser* and J. Q, Payne. 



Paovidence Church — R. M. Honeycutt, J. J. Low- 
ery, John Boyd,* James E. Champion, H. N. Beas- 
ley, * J. B. Martin. * 

Macedonia Church — S. D. Posey, S. E. Waldrupe, 
W. Y. Nix, John P. Atchison.* 

New Salem Church— A. B. Hill, J. W. Maddox, E. 
M. Bean, T. G. Williams*. 

Jemison Church — A. E. Burns, L. J. Hand, Isaac 

Rehoboth Church — I. M. Hicks,* M. F. Lawley, 
Mathew Longcrier, James Collins* and G. M. Wool- 
ley.* , 

Pleasant Grove Church— W. A. Wood,* J. T. 
Thomas,* Albert Patterson and Z. J. Jones.* 

(Absentees marked thus "*.) 

Brethren J. G. Harris and A. E. Burns were then 
appointed tellers, and the Association voted for a 
Moderator and Clerk. Elder F. M. Hobson was re- 
elected Moderator and R. M. Honeycutt Clerk. 

The Constitution, Articles of Faith and Rules of 
Decorum were then read. 

The Moderator then appointed the following Com- 
mittees : 

On Devotion — Mathew Longcrier, Z, W. Langston, 
with the Deacons of Jemison Church. 

On Arrangement of Business — J. J. Lowerv, L. J. 
Hand, A. B. Hill, with the Moderator and Clerk. 

On Finance, M. F. Lawley, Albert Patterson and Z. 
J. Corley. 

On State Missions — James Skaggs, W. Y. Nix, 
Z. J. Corley. 

On Home Missions — J. M. Langston, M. F. Lawley 
and S. D. Posey. 

On Foreign Missions — A. E. Burns, W. G. Riggins 
and R. M. Honeycutt. 

On Sabbath Schools— O. J. Cottingham, W. H. Hol- 
man and A. E. Burns. 

On Temperance — F. M, Hobson, R. M. Honeycutt 
and O. J. Cottingham. 

Open the Door for Correspondence : Received from 
the Unity Association — Elder Jefferson Falkner, J. M. 
Kalin, Henry C. Young and Elder T. J. Elim. v 

From the Shelby Association— Elder G. T. Lee, J. M. 
Langston, Jr., rnd. W. H. Allen. 


Returned Correspondence as follows : To the Tusca- 
loosa Association — Elder J. M. Langston and F. M. 

To the Harmony Association — Elder A. E. Burns. 

Toxthe Shelby Association — Isaac Law^iorn. 

Ministers not Messengers were then invited to seats 
with us. 

The Devotional Committee offered the following re- 
port, which was adopted : 

Brother J. G. Harris to Lecture this evening at 7 o'clock; Sabbath 
School Mass Meeting to-morrow at 9$ A. M., and Elders T. _M. Bailey 
to preach at the Presbyterian Church at 11, and Jefferson Falkner to 
preach at the Baptist Church at 11. A Missionary Mass Meeting at the 
Baptist Church at 3£ P. M. Elder F. M. Hobson to preach at the Bap- 
tist Church at 7 P. M., and Elder J. M. Kalin at the Presbyterian 
Church at 7 P. M. 

On motion, the Association then adjourned until 
9 o'clock Monday. 

Sabbath, September 27th. 

According to the arrangement of the Devotional 
Committee the day was occupied. 

The Sabbath School exercises were well attended 
and interesting, and instructive lectnres, were delivered 
by Brethren J. G. Harris, T. M. Bailey and others. 
There was, indeed, a revival of the Sabbath School 
work felt by the people present. 

The brethren preached according to the arrangement 
of Committee, and the services were largely attended 
and much enjoved by the people. In the mass meet- 
ing, at 3 o'clock, we listened to one of the best lectures 
on the subject of missions, that the people of this sec- 
tion ever enjoyed. Brother T. M. Bailey was the 
speaker, and truly the people were awakened to their 
duty upon that subject. 

Before the close of the services Brother Bailey called 
on the delegates to know of them what amount they 
would try to get their churches to pay to the Mission 
Work for the next Associational year. There were 
promises to the amount of $143.00, and we believe that 
the amount will be sent up. The night services were 
also well attended, and we have good reasons to believe 
that the seeds sown during the day will bring forth 
an abundant harvest. 

Monday, September 28. 

The delegates assembled and engaged in singing, 
after which prayer was offered by Elder J. M. Lang- 

The Moderator then called the body to order, and 
proceeded to business by first calling the roll and 
marking absentees. (See table.) 

On motion, Brethren Alfred Childers and Albert 
Foshee were received as delegates from Liberty Hill 
Church, they being present and having no letter. 

Called for the Report of Committee on Arrangement 
of Business— The report was received and business 
taken up accordingly. . 

Opened the Door for Correspondence— Received cor- 
respondence from Shelby Association, Elder C. W. 
O'Hara, M. E. B. Jones, W. F. Bridges, James Goole 
and N. H. Sayers. 

From the Central Association— R. B. Prewitt. 

From the Unity Association— Eld. Wm. A. Huck- 


Called for Report of Committee on State Missions— 
The Committee offered the following report, which was 
received and adopted and the committee discharged : 


The 8tatc Mission Board was organized in 1875. During the ten 
years of its existence, it has done a great work in our State. 

The statistics of the work for these years are as follows : Days of 
service by Missionaries, 50,818; sermons delivered, 27,106; baptisms, 
4 887- received by letter, 1,591; restored. 600; total additions to the 
Churches, 6,578; Churches constituted, 110; Sunday Schools organ- 
ized, 1,188; religious visits made, 80,787; miles traveled, 857,642; 
tracts distributed, 200,000 pages ; number books sold, 27, 134 ; value for, 

tfhe supporters of the work have reason to be gratified for what God 

hath wrought. . , , . , . . „ . , 

What share has Mulberry Association had in this work ? Alas, very 
little. Brethren, let us take hold and help to take possession of Ala- 

■ b * ma f ° rChrlaU J. A. SKAGQS, Ch'n. 

Next called for report of Committee on Indigent 


No report from the 1st and 2nd districts. 

Committee from the 3rd district report Brother A. B. 
HUl the only one that is in need of help from the As- 
sociation at present 

A collection was then taken up for Brother Hill, 

which amounted to $20.00 cash, and $5.00 in pledges ; 
Elder T. M. Bailey also gave $5.00 from the State Mis- 
sion Board. Total amount, $30.00. 

Next called for report of Finance Committee. The 
following was offered and received : 

We your Committed on Finance have received for Minutes 

and Associational purposes $22.50 

For Missions •. 16.30 

Balance in Treasurer's hand , 18.70 

Total .$57.50 

M. F. LAWLEY, Ch'n. 

On motion, the Clerk was instructed, after paying 
for the Minutes and other expenses, to send the bal- 
ance of the money belonging to the Association to the 
Secretary and Treasurer of the State Mission Board, 
to be appropriated as the Board directs. 

Called for report of Committee on Home Missions. — 
The following was offered, received and adopted : 


Your Committee present the following report : 

It is with deep emotions of gratitude to God that we report the work 
of Home Missions in such a flourishing condition. Never, has the cause 
committed to the Home Board been so encouraging — never has that 
Board had more tangible evidences of God's favor, than during the year 
just closed. In their recent report they say, never in all its history has 
the labor of its missionaries been more effective in the promotion of 
the Redeemer's Kingdom, than during the past year. 

They report 2,665 baptisms, and 1,525 received by letter — a total of 
4,190 additions to the Churches through the labors of their missiona- 
ries. The number of missionaries employed was 144 — in Alabama, 2; 
Missonri, 7; Mississippi,?; Tennessee, 1 ; Calif ornia, 4; Virginia, 3; Geor- 
gia, 6; Louisiana, 8; Arkansas, 12; Florida, 28; Indian Territory, 13; 
Texas, 58. But while the work is thus blessed of God, we are sorry to 
see that we are doing so little ; therefore, 

Resolved, That by the help of God, we will do better in the future. 
Respectfully submitted. 


Then called for report of Committee on Foreign Mis- 
sions — The following was offered and adopted and 
committee discharged : 


We, your Committee on Foreign Missions, beg leave to submit the 
following : 

That the subject of Missions in general commends itself to the heaats 
of the Baptist Brotherhood at large, is a fact which needs no proof. 
We are pledged by the very name we bear to support missions. We 
might bear the name of Baptist alone, but in order to make it plainer 


to the world, we have prefixed the qualifying word Missionary to show 
to the world and the rest of mankind the principles we profess on this 
all-important subject. 

Foreign Missions is no new subject— it has been talked of and spoken 
about in this Association for a long time, with but little practical re- 
sults. The time has come when we should wake up on this subject, 
and prove our name by our works. Other Associations are engaging 
heartily in sending the Gospel to the millions of heathens who are 
without hope and without God in the world. Brethren of the Mul- 
berry Association, the great commission, "Go ye into all the world," 
etc., is as applicable to you as to any other body of christians or indi- 

" Why stani ye here all the day idle ?" The Macedonian cry, "Come 
over and help'' us, is still borne on the wind, and appeals to every one 
of us to-day to put in the sickle and reap down these fields which are 
already ripe unto harvest The Chinaman from his squalid hut, the 
Hindoo from the jnnsrles, the Arab from the desert moor, the African 
from the parched plain, and the Islander from his surf-beaten shores, 
are all appealiug to us in touching strains for the gospel which maketh 
wise unto salvation. Therefore, we appeal to you, in the name of Him 
who so loved the world that He gave His only begotten son to redeem 
it; in the name of Him who came to seek and to save that which was 
lost ; in the name of Him who came into this world to reprove it of 
sin, of righteousness, and of a judgment to come, that you withhold 
not your help from these perishing millions who are starving for the 
bread of life. Can you go and teach all nations yourself ? Yes, you 
can go in your hearts, in your prayers, and in your contributions. 
Again we appeal to you to open your heaits, your hands, and your 
pocket books, and help forward this grand and glorious work. 

Respectfully submitted. 

A. E. BURNS, Ch'n. 

Then adjourned for diuner ; at 2 o'clock re- assem- 
bled and called for the report of Committee on Tem- 
perance. The following was olfered and read, adopted 
and committee discharged. 


The Bible teaches mankind to be temperate in all things. But the 
use of intoxicating drinks has become so prevalent and so destructive 
to the best interests of Christianity, that it has come to a point when 
we, as a denomination, should enter our protest against the use of 
strong drink as a beverage. Some one has said, "the best place for 
whiskey is in the corn." We heartily indorse this idea, and we recom- 
mend to all the brethren of this Association to use their utmost efForts 
to regulate this evil, so as to rid our country of the temptation which 
it offers to the ruin of the morals and peace and prosperity of so many 
of the people. Let us make our prayer unto God, and set a watch 
against our enemies, day and night. 

Respectfully submitted. 

F. M. HOBSON, Ch'n. 

Then called for report of Committee on Sabbath 
Schools, which was received, adopted and committee 



We regret that the Clerks of the Churches have sent up such imper- 
fect reports as to the condition of their respective Churches in regard 
to this department of Church work. 

We gather from the letters and upon inquiry, that there have been 
five Sunday Schools kept up for a longer or shorter period in the 
bounds of the Association during the past association al year. With 
a single exception (Jemison), no report is made of the name and num- 
ber of officers, number of teachers and scholars, etc. 

Brethren, let us urge you to do two things : First, go home and or- 
ganize and keep up Sunday Schools. Do not neglect this department 
of Church work ; the Sunday School is the nnrsery of the Church, and 
if you wish to "train up your children in the nurture and admoni'ion 
of the Lord," as you are commanded to do, take them to the Sunday 
School. Secondly, report your school in your letter to the Association 
next year, togother with the name of the Superintendent; number of 
officers, teachers and pupils, number of scholars in Bible class, and 
what literature is used. 

We ask these two things at the instance of the Statistical Secretary 
oi S. S. for the State, Bro. Wm. A. Davis. A<?ain we urge, see to it 
that your reports are full upon this subject another year. 

Respectfully sabmitted. 

A. E. BURNS, Ch'u. 

Then called for General Business. 

A petitionary letter was presented by Elder F. M. 
Hobson, asking for letters of dismission from our 
Union for the following named churches : Union, 
Spring Hill, Liberty, Mulberry, South Sandy, Pine- 
flat, Haysop and Elliott's Creek. Said petitionary 
letter stated that these churches proposed to form a 
new Association. 

On motion, the letters were granted. 

Bethlehem Church also asked for a letter of dismis- 
sion to join the Shelby Association. 

The letter was granted. 

On motion, adjourned until 7 o'clock at night, at . . 

which time we re-assembled and were called to order 
and agreed to hold the next meeting of this Associa- 
tion with Rehoboth Church, A$ miles west of Randolph, 
Bibb county, Alabama, on Saturday before the 4th 
Sabbath in September, 1886. 

On motion, the Association, by ballot, appointed 
Elder A. E. Burns to preach the Introductory Sermon, 
and R. M. Honey cutt alternate. 

Resolved, That the Clerk superintend lhe printing of five hundred 
copies of these Minnies, and that he receive $10 00 for his services: and 
that Joab M. Langston be appointed distrihuting agent in the Second 
District — Minutes sent by mail to Six Mile. The Clerk to distribute in 
the Third District. 


The following resolution was offered and received : 

Reaolwd, That we recommend to the Churches composing the Mul- 
berry Association that they report, at each of its regular sessions, the 
entire amount of money raised by each Church during the associational 
year, and how the same has been expended. 

Respectfully, L. J. HAND. 

On motion, this Association returns its most hearty 
thanks to the members of Jemison Church and the 
citizens of Jemison and surrounding neighborhood, for 
their hearty welcome to us and their kind entertain- 
ment during our stay with them. May the rich bless- 
ings of our God rest upon them, and may the labors 
of our meeting with them be blest with an abundant 
harvest for Christ sake. 

Itesolved, That whereas our beloved Brother, F M. Ho'woon, has 
served us as Moderator so long, and been so long connected with our 
Association, but is now to be severed from us, which we regret so mnch; 

Iiesolved, That we hereby express our thanks to him for his kind ser- 
vices and faithful labors among us, and may our God shield, protect 
and bless him to his journey's end, is our humble prayer. 

The Association having finished all the business on 
hand adjourned to meet at the time and place above 

F. M. HOBSON, Moderator, 

Haigler, Ala. 
R. M. Honeycutt, Clerk, 

Clear Creek, Ala. 


Received-from Finance Committee for Minutes, &c $22 50 

Balance from last year 19 80 

$42 30 

Paid for priniing Minutes $12 00 

Clerk's fee 10 00 

Balance to be sent to State Mission Board. 


Second District — Daniel Ward, Six Mile, Bibb county, Ala. 

J. M. Langston, M 

I. M. Hicks, Randolph M " 
Third District — A. B. Hill, Lomax, Chilton county, Ala. 

R. M. Honeycutt, Clear Creek, Chilton co , Ala. 

Wm. A. Wood, Clanton, Chilton county, Ala. 

W. G. Riggins, Strassburg, Chilton county, Ala. 

A. E. Burns, Jemison, Chilton county, Ala. 

James Gothard, Jemison, Chilton county, Ala. 





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fpHERE is no more important interest fostered by the 
* jdenomination than this paper. It ought to be read 
in every Baptist family in Alabama. This m not asking 
too mnch. 

Having removed to Montgomery, the capital of the 
State the publishers hope to. deserve more than ever the 
support of the denomination 


t^°We will pay a commission to-agents soliciting sub- 
scriptions in any Church or Association. 


-AKB— — 

ttors and Prop* 

1 1 


SAMUEL HENDERSON, D. D„ Associate Editor. 







Montgomery, 'A. la.